Dr Mitesh Parmar, Founder, Alpa Care – Domiciliary Care

November 1, 2020

I have worked with Amanda for well over a year. Her knowledge and attention to detail is incredibly profound. As a former CQC inspector, she has unparalleled knowledge in knowing how to write a CQC application. The reason why I asked for Amanda to provide services to me was to assist me with my CQC application for domiciliary care. She has an in-depth understanding on the fundamental standards of the CQC, what they will be looking for in terms of providing registration for a new business and also what is required when the inspections come round. She has assisted me to develop my knowledge and understanding of the process and has also helped me to develop my knowledge and skills as a registered manager.

In terms of professionalism, Amanda excels with this, with meetings, remote consultations, emails and documents being prepared to very tight schedules. Prior to obtaining services with Amanda, I carried out a market analysis and her pricing is incredibly competitive. I feel the services that she provides are far superior than any other professional service I have used in the past. The attention to detail is simply staggering. Amanda is brutally honest about the CQC processes, There is no question that the CQC standards are incredibly high and, fittingly, Amanda’s standards exceed theirs.

There is no doubt in my mind that any assistance she provides should help with any registered managers’ endeavours with regards to the CQC application process, ongoing support and preparing for inspections.