Quality Assurance Framework and Governance

You may have been marked down for the Well Led section of your CQC inspection report. Or, if you’re launching a new service, you may be wanting to clarify exactly what’s expected. You may think you have everything in place but want some objective assurance. 

We are highly experienced in reviewing and improving relevant and effective quality assurance frameworks, the governance or decision-making systems that support it and regular audits that underpin it. 

We can supply you with a robust framework of systems, processes and regular audits which will give the Registered Manager and Nominated Individual an accurate oversight of the service. It will also provide the same to CQC who will specifically want to understand how that helicopter view is gained and how and when action is taken in response to findings. 

An effective quality assurance framework will provide a continuous improvement cycle and evidence changes made and sustained following internal quality improvement work. Learning from other sources of information can be built in, such as internal and external investigations into incidents and complaints. Not only will the framework evidence lessons learned, it will proactively prompt managers to carry out their various obligations in a timely manner, such as reporting and investigating safeguarding allegations and responding to complaints in a timely way. 

If you’re looking for help with your quality assurance systems, processes and audits that underpin it, get in touch today. Our knowledgeable and personable team can help you quickly get up to speed. 

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