Crisis, Consultancy and Turnaround

Are you having a meltdown because you’ve got a real crisis on your hands? Are you really feeling the effects of a poor rating or negative press? Maybe the manager’s just jumped ship, or an unresolved problem is affecting staff morale or leading to clients leaving your service? Have issues triggered commissioner concerns and you’re under tight scrutiny?  

One thing’s for sure. Without really bottoming the issue, you’re likely to lose more staff and clients as well as commissioners’ respect. It may lead to an embargo on admitting new clients, who may in any case be in short supply if they have concerns about the rating.  

Or maybe your service is already embargoed and you’re not seeing any improvement?  

We can help you get back on your feet and improve your service’s rating and standing. Once you’ve got a plan in place and contingency measures, the only way is up. 

We work with you to identify the issues and implement solutions. These include: 

  • Results-driven, action-focused project management 
  • Interim management support situated within your service 
  • Putting in place new or improved systems and processes including safe recruitment checks 
  • Managed messaging with your staff, clients, family members and others as needed, such as commissioners 
  • Ensuring that CQC notifications are made as required 
  • Keeping us on retainer to deal with anticipated hurdles that may arise. 


This is likely to start with a thorough CQC mock inspection or at least a mini-review of the service. Additional, specific audits may be needed, or even hands-on interim management supportRest assured, we have the expertise to review and fix whatever it is you’re struggling with. 

Our facilitative approach can involve staff in identifying and implementing solutions. Our sound knowledge of what’s needed combined with great project management skills can break down the work needed into manageable, bite-sized chunks. Once the bulk of the work is under way, you can use us to monitor progress too and we can support and coach managers and staff alike in a friendly, personable way. 

If you’re worried about how you can improve your service, give us a ring or drop us an email. You’ll soon be back into the green ratings.  

Want to know how we can support you?

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