Have a look at what we can do for you. See how we can support you with mock CQC inspections and audits, interim management support and turnaround skills, and coaching and development. We can help with the written stuff too, from policies and template forms to investigation reports and published articles.

We can carry out full mock CQC inspections and audits providing an action-focused report identifying what needs to be put in place or improved. We use our thirty years experience in health and social care regulation to review your service using each of CQC’s key lines of enquiry. 

We are highly experienced in reviewing and improving relevant and effective quality assurance frameworks, the governance or decision-making systems that support it and regular audits that underpin it. We provide a model continuous improvement cycle which we can support you to adapt to your needs, sustain and evidence.

Everything our experienced and knowledgeable Associates do is underpinned by the regulations that health and social care providers are bound by. We are passionate about helping services to comply with these because we know it’s not only essential, but part of what makes a great service.

Are you having a meltdown because you’ve got a real crisis on your hands? We can help you get back on your feet and improve your service’s rating and standing. Once you’ve got a plan in place and contingency measures, the only way is up. We identify the issues and implement solutions.

Has a serious incident occurred at your service and you’re worried about the potential aftermath? Perhaps you’re trying to head off points in a draft report? Our experienced team can support you with investigations and the associated reports which often need to be sent to external organisations.

Do you find yourself without a manager? CQC knows that homes without managers don’t run well. While you’re looking for a new manager, and let’s face it, it can take time, given the general shortage, we can provide an interim manager who’s quickly up to speed and integrated into your service.

Do you need a full set of policies and would like more tailoring to your particular business? We have specific and recent experience in drafting full suites of bespoke policies, procedures and related forms and templates.

So you’ve got the policies and procedures but fall short on the related templates and forms used each day by staff to record how they’re caring for individual clients? Our knowledgeable staff can help you by creating or updating the hard copy or electronic templates in use.

Are you worrying about the quality of training you’re offering your staff? Our Associate, Mike Prior, has extensive experience of reviewing, improving and delivering providers’ learning and development needs. He can deliver Skills for Care leadership and management training programmes for you.

Do you have a manager in place who needs a bit of support? A new senior team? People who could fly with just a little more confidence? In fact, we take a collaborative, coaching approach to pretty much all of our work, aiming to take everyone with us, and kindly, on your exciting journey.

Have you started to set up a new service but have got stuck? Our effective team will support you to successfully register your service and achieve this as smoothly and efficiently as possible. While we do support new registrants, the interview must be carried out by the registered manager alone, so we help you to be as well prepared as possible.

Your carers are hard pressed for time, right? Maybe they’ve done their e-learning but aren’t retaining the key points. Sign up for members-only access to our one minute YouTube videos of key policy points so they can catch up on the hoof.