Policies and Procedures

Do you need a full set of policies and would like more tailoring to your particular business than can be offered by off the shelf or subscription packages? 

We have specific and recent experience in drafting full suites of bespoke policies and procedures, reflecting up to date guidance, including NICE and CSCI guidance, and best practice.  

We also have expertise in drafting the forms and templates specified by most policies which are used each day by staff to record and evidence the care provided. 

We also have clinicians on our team who can assist with clinical policies, ensuring they reflect Marsden guidelines. 

Where you’re using, or preparing to use, a fully digital system, a thorough review of policies, procedures and templates can help you tailor integrated forms to ensure they reflect your organisation’s needs, whilst also complying with the regulations. 

We can offer a full suite of policies and procedures via our member portal. This includes one-page summaries of all key policies and a set of related documentation and templates for each policy. 

Why not also try our members-only bite-sized mythbuster slide presentation videos on our YouTube channel. They’re ideal for busy staff to access on their mobile phone whenever they have a few minutes spare. At less than 2 minutes per video they make the key points they need to know very easily accessible. 

Want to know how we can support you?

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