Investigations and CQC Challenges

Has a serious incident occurred at your service and you’re worrying about the potential aftermath? Or perhaps you’re trying to head off points in a draft CQC report which are going to be potentially harmful to your reputation? 

Things can so quickly go downhill if the press get to feature serious incidents and concerns, leading to unwelcome further attention. Commissioners can easily make decisions to embargo admissions and potential clients can be put off. Some services even lose established clients and valued staff as a result. 

Our experienced team can support you with investigations and the associated reports which often need to be sent to external organisations. We understand that there are so few hours in the day in a hectic operational role. Our Associates can provide much-needed capacity when something like this happens and needs the attention to detail you’re just not always able to give. 

We can also provide advice if you are thinking of challenging a draft CQC report. If you think CQC hasn’t give you due regard for good work, or have got something wrong, we can work with you to see what can be done. We would always start with a brief review and advise on what might be needed, before entering into the formal process of challenging, as we know this can be costly. If you haven’t yet returned the factual accuracy check, we can do this for you, or with you, to maximise your chances of succeeding and having those findings removed or at least diluted. Should CQC withdraw its report and re-inspect, we can help you prepare for that too. 

If you’re worrying about what your anticipated CQC report will say, or have received it and want to challenge it, do get in touch. Where we can head things off at the pass, current and potential clients and families need never even know there was an issue. 

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