Written Documents, Investigation and other reports, including articles for electronic and print publication, blogs and vlogs

Congratulations! You’ve got all your quality assurance processes, effective care plans, audits and recording tools in place. And now you’d like to focus on getting some written material sorted out.

You may need to create this to support a new registration. Or you may have been asked to provide a new policy or business contingency plan or to put in a tender for some new business. Maybe you’d like to publicise what you’ve been doing and send a press-ready article off to specialist care publishers. Perhaps it’s something as simple as getting the style and content of initial newsletters set up that staff can replicate.

We can help with all your specialist drafting needs. Amanda Halliwell is a highly skilled and experienced, published writer, writing every month for specialist Mark Allen publications. She’s also a published blogger and vlogger, simplifying often huge messages into 350 word key point shots. So just let us know what you need.

Whatever it is you think you need to get across, get in touch. We can get it done simply and clearly, leaving you to focus on the nuts and bolts of the day job.

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